Behind The Lens

Ed Johnston

Ed Johnston is a South Florida-based portrait, nature and fine art photographer.  Ed’s work explores the various landscapes of natural beauty.

His wildlife and landscape images capture some of the most breathtaking regions of the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, including such stunning areas as Alaska, Lake Tahoe, the Virgin Islands, the Canadian Rockies, and the Florida Keys.


His “Nudes in Nature” focus on the pure grace of the female form interacting with nature.  In subtle contrast, his Studio Nudes concentrate on the body’s natural curvatures as the subject.  These “Simple Nudes” have developed a following for their distinctive take on a popular genre.  Ed adheres to the motto, “Nudity is natural, and the female figure is artistic by nature, deserving absolute appreciation, admiration and respect”.  His dedicated vision of casting a broad representation of women, with different looks and bodytypes, aims to portray strength, pride and beauty in all women.

He is also an official photographer for the Tri-Fitness Challenge Organization, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.  His fitness photography has been featured in several publications, including Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine and Women’s Tri-Fitness Magazine. 

Originally hailing from Washington, D.C., Ed spent his early years living in Silver Spring, MD, and has been living and working in the Fort Lauderdale area since relocating to South Florida in 1979.  His interest in photography was most likely imbedded early on, as his father, Ed Johnston Sr., was one of the first news cameramen for NBC.  As his father traveled the globe documenting the world’s most notable events, Ed was quietly finding his own voice as a cameraman of a different type.  Upon being gifted his first SLR camera, Ed embarked on a journey to educate himself in all things photography.  Over 30 years later, his education continues as his body of work has grown in both volume and style. 

Ed's love of creating Fine Art photography has become his main creative vehicle, allowing him the opportunity to share his perspective on beauty with the world.  He aboundedly appreciates his family, friends and all those who collect his work.